JOEY SCOUTS – ‘Discovering a wider world’

Boys and Girls between 6 & 8 years of age.  

Morningside Joeys meet every Thursday from 5.30 to 6.30 pm.

Boys and girls in Joey Scouts have lots of adventure and make lots of new friends.

They’ll learn all about nature, sing songs, go on fun trips, make crafts, play games and even do some cooking! Sometimes we have special visitors who’ll help Joeys Scouts with nature knowledge.

Do you know how to cook chocolate spiders? Or how to make a water scope and see under the water? You can learn this at Joeys. You can even make your own frog puppets, and earn your very own badges.

When you’re a Joey Scout you’ll have a special Joey Scout scarf, a woggle to keep it in place. 

The uniform for Joey Scouts consists of a blue shirt with tan sleeves and collar. 
They also wear the Queensland maroon scarf.

To order a uniform please contact the Scout Shop.

For badge placement information please click on this Joey Scout Uniform Badge Placement link.