Group Committee – ‘Help us to Grow Your Children’
Morningside Scouts

Like any organisation there needs to be a support system in place.

In Scouting, support for the delivery of the Scout program by the Section Leaders is provided by the parents of the youth members.

Each Scout Group has a Group Committee.  This Committee is made up of parents and supporters of the Group.

The Group Committee generally consists of at least a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer who works closely with the Group Leader and Assistant Group Leader to ensure effective management of the whole Group.

There are other supporting roles on the Group Committee and these roles facilitate functions such as fundraising, quartermaster, communications, den & equipment maintenance & supporting systems (such as the website & email systems)

Overall the responsibilities of the Group Committee are:

·         Manage the Scout Group

·         Maintain the resources of the Group (human & physical)

·         Raise funds and administer the Group finances

·         Public relations (Group Newsletter, Website, Media, etc.)

·         Assist in the recruitment of Leaders and other adult support

Any parent or member of the public can become involved with the Group as either a uniformed volunteer (Section Leader) or a non-uniformed volunteer (committee, supporter, badge examiner, sponsor or helper).

The assistance of youth member parents in these areas is critical for ongoing existence of the Group. Without parental support, your children will not have the opportunity to have the amazing experiences Scouting can offer.  

Talk to a Leader about how you can help.